I’ve learned the most important lesson that an artist can learn. NOT EVERY WORK YOU PAINT IS GREAT!.

How to react to this inconvenient truth?

Easy- only keep the good ones.  The great ones sell almost immediately- no problem with those. The good ones take a little longer to find new homes.  And then, there are the others, that nobody seems to want, fools that they might be.  I’ve come up with a solution that will unquestionably solve this problem…


Whether watercolor, pen and ink, or oil on canvas, all my works share one advantage-  they burn beautifully!

The sales/collecting season is not over. But come December, it will be. And then, it is my plan to conduct a public bonfire. I will announce it on my website, and being scheduled during the Maine winter, you may find it convenient to warm your sorry bones.

More to come…